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Real Estate prices in Croatia

Buy villa in CroatiaFirst thing first – so what are the property prices in Croatia. And the answer is clear – it depends on the location and property type. For example, on our website you can buy a luxury villa near Pula Airport for € 1,000,000. The house has 320 m2, so we are talking about the price of € 3125 per m2 in this case. This villa is great for 8-10 persons and it has a big garden and yard with swimming pool. Or if you are not interested in luxury  segment but want to buy a house in Croatia then check out this 169 m2 house for sale in Povljana with it’s price of 269,000 euro or 1600 euro per sq.m.

If you are looking for an apartment in Croatia – here is a one bedroom flat in Pula for sale. It’s price is € 86,000 or € 1400 per m2. You can find other excellent options, like one bedroom apartment just 100 meters from the sea and the price is 2500 € per m2.

land for sale in CroatiaAs for prices in the real estate market of Croatia – we find offers from 1500-4500 € per square meter. You should consider the region where you buy new property (buying property on the coastline will always be more expensive)

Buy land in Croatia

But what if you are interested in buying a land in Croatia. We got you covered. Here are just a few listings for land for sale in CroatiaPlot of 871 m2 for construction in Koslun on the island of Pag is for sale and costs € 79500 ( about 91 € per m).  Or if you are a big investor, trying to buy land for a huge project look at this plot in Hvar. This 449,277 m2 plot is located on the southeastern part of the Hvar island and is on sale for € 25,000,000 (about 55  € per m). It is a great option for some serious investment.


Who Buys property in Croatia and what kind

In recent years, the housing market has shifted, with fewer Russian buyers and less prime property being built to serve them. Mostly we observe German, Italian and Austrian buyers of houses, and Slovenians, who are buying apartments in Croatia. Russians are still buying seaside villas, and Scandinavian buyers have become very active in the last few years, with the introduction of more affordable flights.


This article is just a summary that helps to understand the price of real estate in Croatia. There are more options available and much more to come. Therefore, we invite you to register and subscribe for the updates. Be informed when a great deals on land, house or an apartment for sale in Croatia appear on our website.

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