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Real Estate in Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat is the most popular city in the Tivat Bay area. It stands out due to the airport which can be found almost on the border of the city, and the city itself is located in a picturesque bay with amazing views. So we can say that the number of people ready to buy an apartment in Tivat or to purchase a house on the bay will continue to increase. Nearby there is a ferry crossing to the other side of the bay. From there you can get to other most popular cities equally quickly: Budva, Kotor, Prcanj, etc. The number of tourists continues to increase every year, which means that buying a property in Tivat is a great opportunity to successfully invest in a profitable niche. Even if you do not plan to buy an apartment for rent, but you want to live there yourself, then this is still a profitable investment, because real estate in Montenegro will continue to go up in price, and at any time you can sell it at a cost more than you paid before.

Buy real estate in Tivat, Montenegro

Tivat is characterized by a large selection of diverse real estate. You can buy an inexpensive apartment in some areas of Tivat or buy an expensive luxury apartment in Porto Montenegro. This area of Tivat deserves a separate description – read more about it here.

As mentioned earlier, Tivat is a city where you will find a lot of people during the tourist season. A large number of cafes and restaurants are opened for them, including in the open air bars, stores and souvenir shops. Also a large port and one of the best yacht clubs in Europe can be found in the city. Therefore, if you are a lover of a quiet and relaxing life, then you should check real estate located far away from the city center.

The cost of real estate in Tivat

buy house in TivatLet’s see what real estate can be bought in Tivat and what is its value. We will start with the luxury segment. One of the top sellers on our portal Adriamoment offers to buy a house in Tivat and not just a house, but a work of art. Look at this family home for the price of an apartment. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a private parking, and panoramic windows width a breathtaking view of both the sea and the mountains. You are offered a variety of houses from 160 to 230 sq.m. which cost from 245,000 to 290,000 euros. It turns out that depending on the option you choose, the cost ranges from 1200 to 1500 euros per sq.m. We believe that this is an amazing property, because for comparison, if you buy an apartment in Porto Montenego, which is located in the immediate vicinity of this house, then for 44 sq.m. you will pay 278,000 euros. Of course, such a purchase will emphasize primarily the status of the buyer, and if this is one of the main criteria, then look at these and other properties in this area.

For those who need to buy a villa in Tivat, we recommend that check out this option – a luxurious villa of 240 sq.m for 800,000 euros.  Amazing location of a 2-storey villa with 3 bedrooms, a huge kitchen-dining room, living room, swimming pool with a modern cleaning system and all this is surrounded by mountains and amazing views of the bay, Tivat, as well as the island of Flowers.

Buy cheap housing in Tivat

buy property in Stoliv

As for economy class housing, there are many options here. Buy a one-bedroom 32 sq.m. apartment in Tivat with a terrace for 60,000 euros. Or here is another studio for sale in Tivat for 81,000 euros with an area of 39 sq. and panoramic sea views.

You may search for real estate for sale in the vicinity of the city. There will be more options at a reasonable cost. Look at this furnished 100 sq.m. apartment in Seljanovo. The cost of this apartment is 120,000 euros. It is located only 400 m from the sea, has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

For convenient search of other available options, we recommend using the advanced property search on our website. After you open the advanced search, please enter Tivat in the Location cell, then select one of the proposed options, specify the search radius and then you will be shown all the properties found and their location on the map.
We work hard so that you can easily find and buy real estate in Tivat and throughout all the Adriatic coast.

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