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Real Estate in Split

While most expats living in Croatia are either settled in Zagreb or Dubrovnik, another flourishing Croatian city that is lately attracting foreign settlers is the city of Split. Also known as Velo Misto which means ‘Big City’, Split is the second biggest city in the country that is located in Dalmatia.  While a popular tourist destination, Split is especially popular place for local and foreign youth to study in its esteemed academic institutions. Many expats have also succeeded in the city for its developing economy that opened many professional opportunities. Split offers a great alternative place to buy a house or property in Croatia.

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For its strategic location in the eastern oceanfront of the Adriatic Sea that stretches all the way the central peninsula, Split’s pivotal position made it economic and cultural hub of the Dalmatian coast. Hence, the city is bustling with locals from nearby islands as well as tourists who congregate into the city for work and leisure. Despite being the second largest city in Croatia, Split has a relatively small population that is fairly spread in its settlement areas.  The population is apparently concentrated in the urban district of Split, population which accounts for around 75% of total population. The rest of the 25% is spread in other residential areas the largest of which is in Stobreč or Epidauros. This elevated village has transformed itself as vacation spot for tourists for its picturesque view of the peninsula entrenched between the blue sea and green saplings. This is followed by Žrnovnica which is situated as the foot of Mosor, whose culture dates back to the 13th century. Other residential areas in Split included Gornje Sitno, Kamen, Slatine, Srinjine and the Donje Sitno, which has the least number of inhabitants. Any of these areas are ideal to buy or rent an apartment.

Within the urban city of Split, the most popular neighborhood is the Veli Varos, where there are a remarkable number of private houses available for rent. Parking however is very limited. Aside from the littoral esplanade of Riva which is a premier people-watching site, you should not miss the city’s most beautiful street, the Marmont Street, which is bursting with shops and restaurants.  

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Aside from its beautiful scenery and the relatively relaxed lifestyle of the people, Split is famous for its perfect Mediterranean climate that is characterized by moderate summer heat and moderate winter cold. While the heat or the cold can go to extreme conditions, temperature is generally fair for people to continue to enjoy appropriate outdoor activities.  Although winter is the dampest period, rain showers can be experienced any time of the year. And although winter may be called, snow is rather rare making it always easy for people to navigate around.

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Split was placed on the map when Roman Emperor Diocletian chose this place for his retirement. And today, Diocletian’s Palace serves as the principal attraction of the City for tourists.  As a world heritage side, the palace which is more like a stone hedged town is one of the oldest cities in the world that have survived the hostilities and battles of Byzantines, Venetians, Italians and Yugoslavians through time. Another notable historical site is the St. Duje’s Cathedral.  Expats who plan to buy or rent a house in Split can enjoy the benefits of enjoying these historical spots. However, if getting nostalgic is not your thing, then you can definitely enjoy the city’s thriving music scene, the night life, outdoor activities or relaxing view that are within your reach within and without the city.

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