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Buy real estate in Budva

Often people try to find information on how to buy a house or apartment in Budva, and first of all they are interested in how much real estate costs in Montenegro. Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

Buy real estate in BudvaFirst, you must decide what exactly you want to buy: your personal housing in Budva (house, apartment, villa) or commercial property. Commercial real estate is an office or, for example, a retail space, a store, a hotel, etc. Accordingly, the price of various types of real estate will vary. The location is also important, for example, you can buy a two-room apartment in Budva 73 sq.m. in the Lazi district costing 65,000 euros (900 euros per sq.m.) or buy an apartment in the old town of Budva at a price of 2,500 euros per sq.m. The difference in price is explained precisely by location. Because the old city is located in one of the most tourist attractive areas and in close proximity to the sea, then the price of housing on the first coastline is much higher. The same situation will be with commercial real estate.

If you want to buy a house in Budva, then I want to say that the city itself is not the best option for this. In Budva, the purchase of apartments predominates, as the city itself does not have a large territory, and there are more and more people who want to live in it. Exceptions are hotels and mini-hotels. But there are options to buy a house in the Budva Riviera, for example take a look at a house in Bigovo.

Most often, houses are bought in Tivat. In the center of Tivat, of course, apartment buildings also prevail, but it is worth moving a little further from the center, as there are many options for buying houses. Take a look at this house near Porto Montenegro.

buy villa in Budva

For those who prefer VIP accommodation, we recommend to pay attention to other cities in the Budva community. Buy a villa in Bigovo with a gorgeous panoramic view of Tivat for 200,000 euros. You will receive your own townhouse on the bay with stunning views in close proximity to the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Those wishing to buy luxury housing with the most comfortable environment and infrastructure should pay attention to Porto Montenegro in Tivat, apartments in Lusnice, townhouses and apartments in Porto Novi.

If you are a wealthy person, then pay attention to the luxurious complexes of Budva. Such as Dukley Gardens with its beautiful villas and Royal Gardens. Those who bought a villa in Duckley fall into the beautiful realm of luxury. The complex is located on the Zavala peninsula and looks sideways at the whole of Budva. The territory is constantly guarded.

Here you will find a large children’s school-academy, a private beach, closed to the public. Residents of Dukley Gardens can take a fast water shuttle to the old town of Budva. There is also an excellent restaurant with a unique view of the sea and the city.


EUR 21 /night
EUR 180

(Hrvatski) MHome stanovi za izdavanje u Krag...

Steve Jakovljevica 4,
Category: ,
1 rooms
1 beds
30,00 m2
EUR 580 /month

(Hrvatski) Izdajem lokal,Cvijiceva 3,lokal 2...

Cvijiceva 3 ,
Category: ,
2 rooms
100,00 m2
EUR 70,000

(Hrvatski) Prodajem splav bez mesta na Savi

Ada Medjica,
Category: ,
1 rooms
120,00 m2
EUR 172,000
hot status
EUR 140,000

(Hrvatski) Becej, zemlja na atraktivnoj loka...

Novobečejski put ,
Category: ,
70 000,00 m2
EUR 60,000

(Hrvatski) Prodajem kucu sa okucnicom na Fru...

Prnjavor, Krušedol,
Category: ,
5 rooms
142,00 m2


Panta Mijailović 30B ,
Category: ,
1 rooms
EUR 630,000

(Hrvatski) Kamene vile Istra Farkaš prodaje ...

Category: ,
4 rooms
3 beds
170,00 m2
EUR 82,290

(Hrvatski) Kragujevac, Tanaska Rajica 55, 3....

Tanaska Rajica 55 ,
Category: ,
3 rooms
63,00 m2

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